Autumn Flower Ideas


  • Calendula in Sun - September thru November*
  • Dianthus in Sun - September thru November
  • Exedra in Sun - September thru November
  • Pansies in Sun - November*
  • Petunia in Sun - September
  • Wildflowers in Sun - October & November
  • Snapdragons in Sun - November


  • Aster in Sun - September, October*
  • Chrysanthemum in Sun - September, October*
  • Columbine in Shade/Part Shade - September, October
  • Coreopsis in Sun/Light Shade - September, October
  • Daylily in Sun/Part Shade - September, October
  • Lantana in Sun - September, October
  • Ruellia in Sun - September, October
  • Salvia Greggi in Sun - September, October
  • Salvia, Mealy Blue (Farinacea) in Sun/Part Shade - September, October

November Perennials: We Don't Suggest Any At This Time Due To Possible Freeze Damage

* = Nightscape Flower Suggestions - Flowers in the Nightscape - If you have highlighted night views such as courtyards, spas, patios, we recommend using white, light and pastel (color with white added) colored flowers. Seen in night light, each flower is a mirror reflecting the available light. Avoid "hot" colors like red and yellow although they make interesting shadows.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

  • Tulips in Sun - October, November
  • Crocus in Sun - October, November
  • Daffodils in Sun - October, November
  • Iris in Sun - October, November
  • Hyacinths in Sun - October, November